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Help: Clarify release note for IntelLLVM compiler support

Update the release note added by commit b9f945ec

 (Help: Add release
note for IntelLLVM compiler support, 2021-01-29) to distinguish between
the Intel oneAPI NextGen and Classic compilers.

Co-Author: William R. Dieter <>
Suggested-by: Michael Hirsch's avatarMichael Hirsch, Ph.D <>
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* The Intel oneAPI Compilers are now supported with compiler id ``IntelLLVM``.
Support is available for the C, C++, and Fortran compilers on Linux, and
for the C and C++ compilers on Windows.
* The Intel oneAPI NextGen LLVM compilers are now supported with
compiler id ``IntelLLVM``:
* The ``icx``/``icpx`` C/C++ compilers on Linux, and the ``icx``
C/C++ compiler on Windows, are fully supported as of oneAPI 2021.1.
* The ``ifx`` Fortran compiler on Linux is partially supported.
As of oneAPI 2021.1, ``ifx`` does not define several identification
macros, so CMake identifies it as the classic ``Intel`` compiler.
This works in many cases because ``ifx`` accepts the same command line
parameters as ``ifort``.
* The ``ifx`` Fortran compiler on Windows is not yet supported.
The Intel oneAPI Classic compilers (``icc``, ``icpc``, and ``ifort``)
continue to be supported with compiler id ``Intel``.
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