Commit a479d7a0 authored by Emilie Harquel's avatar Emilie Harquel Committed by Brad King
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BundleUtilities: Fix handling of multiple RPATHs from OS X otool

The `otool` command may return multiple RPATH entires, so call
`gp_append_unique` for each one.  Otherwise we may try to ask
`install_name_tool` to deal with the same entry twice.
parent 2913876c
......@@ -424,7 +424,9 @@ function(get_item_rpaths item rpaths_var)
string(REGEX MATCHALL "rpath [^\n]+" load_cmds_ov "${load_cmds_ov}")
string(REGEX REPLACE "rpath " "" load_cmds_ov "${load_cmds_ov}")
gp_append_unique(${rpaths_var} "${load_cmds_ov}")
foreach(rpath ${load_cmds_ov})
gp_append_unique(${rpaths_var} "${rpath}")
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