Commit a3df25c6 authored by Craig Scott's avatar Craig Scott
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Autogen: Don't change the order of HEADERS array in AutogenInfo.json

Qt6 reads our internal AutogenInfo.json file. In 92d7b456
(Autogen: Add support for per-config sources, 2020-10-20), the
ordering of the HEADERS array elements was changed and this
broke their cmake_automoc_parser. We don't need to change the
order of the array elements, we can append to the existing ones
instead. Do this to allow their cmake_automoc_parser to continue
to work.

Fixes: #21823
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......@@ -1568,8 +1568,8 @@ bool cmQtAutoGenInitializer::SetupWriteAutogenInfo()
jval[0u] = muf->FullPath;
jval[1u] = cmStrCat(muf->MocIt ? 'M' : 'm',
muf->UicIt ? 'U' : 'u');
jval[2u] = cfgArray(muf->Configs);
jval[3u] = this->GetMocBuildPath(*muf);
jval[2u] = this->GetMocBuildPath(*muf);
jval[3u] = cfgArray(muf->Configs);
"SOURCES", sources, [&cfgArray](Json::Value& jval, MUFile const* muf) {
......@@ -2520,8 +2520,8 @@ bool cmQtAutoMocUicT::InitFromInfo(InfoT const& info)
Json::Value const& entryName = entry[0u];
Json::Value const& entryFlags = entry[1u];
Json::Value const& entryConfigs = entry[2u];
Json::Value const& entryBuild = entry[3u];
Json::Value const& entryBuild = entry[2u];
Json::Value const& entryConfigs = entry[3u];
if (testEntry(entryName.isString(),
"JSON value for name is not a string.") ||
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