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Help: Update Sphinx versionadded directives for 3.20 release

Run the script:

    Utilities/Sphinx/ --since v3.19.0 --overwrite

Manually restore the 3.20 version for `cmake_path`, which was originally
part of 3.19 but reverted and restored in 3.20.
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.. versionadded:: 3.20
The :prop_sf:`GENERATED` source file property is now visible in all directories.
Whether or not a source file is generated is an all-or-nothing global
.. versionadded:: 3.20
The name of a valid C-identifier which is set to a unique per-file
value during unity builds.
.. versionadded:: 3.20
This variable is used to initialize the :prop_tgt:`UNITY_BUILD_UNIQUE_ID`
property of targets when they are created. It specifies the name of the
unique identifier generated per file in a unity build.
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