Commit 9d34e51c authored by Zack Galbreath's avatar Zack Galbreath
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AndroidTestUtilities: ignore exit status of ls

adb used to suffer from a bug where `adb shell` would return 0 irrespective
the exit status of the underlying process that it executed.  This is now
fixed for newer versions of Android (N+).

As a result, attempting to `adb shell ls` a nonexistent file can now result
in a non-zero exit status.  Updating check_device_file_exists to ignore the
exit status of `adb shell` fixes this bug for newer Android devices.
parent fb26fcb2
......@@ -39,7 +39,9 @@ function(android_push_test_files_to_device)
# if(file_exists) will return true.
macro(check_device_file_exists device_file file_exists)
set(${file_exists} "")
execute_adb_command(shell ls ${device_file})
COMMAND ${adb_executable} shell ls ${device_file}
if(NOT out_var) # when a directory exists but is empty the output is empty
set(${file_exists} "YES")
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