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Merge branch 'relnote-IOS_INSTALL_COMBINED-xcode12' into release-3.19

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......@@ -408,3 +408,20 @@ Changes made since CMake 3.19.0 include the following.
variable introduced in 3.19.0 previously worked only with the
:generator:`Visual Studio 14 2015` generator. It has now been fixed to
work with :ref:`Visual Studio Generators` for later VS versions too.
* When :prop_tgt:`IOS_INSTALL_COMBINED` is enabled and the :generator:`Xcode`
generator is used, it is now possible to initiate an install or package
creation by running ``cmake --install`` or ``cpack`` from the command line.
When using the Xcode new build system, these are the only supported methods
due to a limitation of Xcode. Initiating these operations by building the
``install`` or ``package`` targets in Xcode is only supported when using
the legacy build system.
* The framework handling introduced in 3.19.0 as part of supporting Xcode's
*Link Binaries With Libraries* build phase broke the ability to switch
between device and simulator builds without reconfiguring. That capability
has now been restored.
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