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* The :manual:`cmake-file-api(7)` gained a new "toolchains" object
kind that describes the compiler used for each enabled language.
* The :command:`install(FILES)` command ``RENAME`` option learned to
support :manual:`generator expressions <cmake-generator-expressions(7)>`.
* The Intel oneAPI NextGen LLVM compilers are now supported with
compiler id ``IntelLLVM``:
* The ``icx``/``icpx`` C/C++ compilers on Linux, and the ``icx``
C/C++ compiler on Windows, are fully supported as of oneAPI 2021.1.
* The ``ifx`` Fortran compiler on Linux is partially supported.
As of oneAPI 2021.1, ``ifx`` does not define several identification
macros, so CMake identifies it as the classic ``Intel`` compiler.
This works in many cases because ``ifx`` accepts the same command line
parameters as ``ifort``.
* The ``ifx`` Fortran compiler on Windows is not yet supported.
The Intel oneAPI Classic compilers (``icc``, ``icpc``, and ``ifort``)
continue to be supported with compiler id ``Intel``.
* The :prop_sf:`GENERATED` source-file property is now visible
from any directory scope, regardles in which scope or for what
scope it was set.
See policy :policy:`CMP0118`.
* The :command:`add_custom_command` command gained ``DEPFILE`` support on
:ref:`Makefile Generators`.
* The :ref:`Makefile Generators` gained the capability, for a selection of
compilers, to use the compiler itself to generate implicit dependencies.
* With MSVC-like compilers the value of
:variable:`CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS <CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS>` no longer contains
the ``/GR`` flag for runtime type information by default.
See policy :policy:`CMP0117`.
* Ninja generators now transform ``DEPFILE`` s from
:command:`add_custom_command`. See policy :policy:`CMP0116` for details.
* The NVIDIA HPC SDK compilers are now supported with compiler id ``NVHPC``.
* The :command:`add_library` command previously prohibited imported object
libraries when using potentially multi-architecture configurations.
This mostly affected the :generator:`Xcode` generator, e.g. when targeting
iOS or one of the other device platforms. This restriction has now been
* The :ref:`Qt AUTOMOC` feature now works with per-config sources.
* The precompiled Linux binaries provided on ```` have changed
their naming pattern to ``cmake-$ver-linux-$arch``, where ``$arch``
is either ``x86_64`` or ``aarch64``.
* The precompiled Windows binaries provided on ```` have changed
their naming pattern to ``cmake-$ver-windows-$arch``, where ``$arch``
is either ``x86_64`` or ``i386``.
* The :module:`WriteCompilerDetectionHeader` module has been deprecated
via policy :policy:`CMP0120`. Projects should be ported away from it.
* The :manual:`cmake-server(7)` mode has been removed.
Clients should use the :manual:`cmake-file-api(7)` instead.
* The :command:`target_sources` now supports custom targets.
* The :command:`try_run` command gained a ``WORKING_DIRECTORY`` option to
support setting of working directory.
* The :prop_tgt:`UNITY_BUILD_UNIQUE_ID` target property
was added to support generation of an identifier that is
unique per source file in unity builds. It can help to
resolve duplicate symbol problems with anonymous namespaces.
* When using the Xcode generator, it is now possible to embed frameworks
using the new :prop_tgt:`XCODE_EMBED_FRAMEWORKS <XCODE_EMBED_<type>>`
target property. Aspects of the embedding can be customized with the
......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ Releases
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 1
3.20 <3.20>
3.19 <3.19>
3.18 <3.18>
3.17 <3.17>
.. versionadded:: 3.20
This variable is used to initialize the :prop_tgt:`UNITY_BUILD_UNIQUE_ID`
property of targets when they are created. It specifies the name of the
unique identifier generated per file in a unity build.
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