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CPackIFWInstaller: Avoid potential null pointer dereference

In d1683032 (CPackIFW: Improve warning and docs for show page list
option, 2021-02-14), code was added to report the current QtIFW version.
That code didn't check that there was a Generator object before using it,
resulting in a scanbuild warning about a potential null pointer dereference.
Add a check and output a more general warning message if we don't have
the current QtIFW version available to report.
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......@@ -186,13 +186,20 @@ void cmCPackIFWInstaller::ConfigureFromOptions()
} else {
std::string currentVersionMsg;
if (this->Generator) {
currentVersionMsg =
"QtIFW version " + this->Generator->FrameworkVersion;
} else {
currentVersionMsg = "an older QtIFW version";
<< option
<< "\", but it is only supported with QtIFW version 4.0 or later. "
"It is being ignored because you are using QtIFW version "
<< this->Generator-> << std::endl);
"It is being ignored because you are using "
<< currentVersionMsg << std::endl);
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