Commit 8e550ba3 authored by David Partyka's avatar David Partyka
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Remove unecessary TO_CMAKE_PATH for gp_cmd_dir.

It is already using CMAKE style paths.
parent 16841987
......@@ -589,7 +589,6 @@ function(get_prerequisites target prerequisites_var exclude_system recurse exepa
get_filename_component(gp_cmd_dlls_dir "${gp_cmd_dir}/../../Common7/IDE" ABSOLUTE)
# Use cmake paths as a user may have a PATH element ending with a backslash.
# This will escape the list delimiter and create havoc!
file(TO_CMAKE_PATH "${gp_cmd_dlls_dir}" gp_cmd_dlls_dir)
if(EXISTS "${gp_cmd_dlls_dir}")
# only add to the path if it is not already in the path
set(gp_found_cmd_dlls_dir 0)
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