Commit 8e0c1599 authored by Stephen Kelly's avatar Stephen Kelly

Xcode: Inline ConvertToRelativePath calls

Avoid violations of Interface Segregation Principle.  These two calls
now simply call different methods.
parent b2cf1cba
Pipeline #29747 passed with stage
......@@ -3325,14 +3325,14 @@ std::string cmGlobalXCodeGenerator::RelativeToSource(const char* p)
// We force conversion because Xcode breakpoints do not work unless
// they are in a file named relative to the source tree.
return this->CurrentLocalGenerator->ConvertToRelativePath(
this->ProjectSourceDirectoryComponents, p, true);
return cmOutputConverter::ForceToRelativePath(
cmSystemTools::JoinPath(this->ProjectSourceDirectoryComponents), p);
std::string cmGlobalXCodeGenerator::RelativeToBinary(const char* p)
return this->CurrentLocalGenerator->ConvertToRelativePath(
this->ProjectOutputDirectoryComponents, p);
cmSystemTools::JoinPath(this->ProjectOutputDirectoryComponents), p);
std::string cmGlobalXCodeGenerator::XCodeEscapePath(const std::string& p)
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