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Commit 8ddbd4c2 authored by Daniel Pfeifer's avatar Daniel Pfeifer
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cmOutputConverter: remove unnecessary conversion

parent bdaadbdc
......@@ -30,13 +30,11 @@ cmOutputConverter::cmOutputConverter(cmState::Snapshot snapshot)
std::string cmOutputConverter::ConvertToOutputForExisting(
const std::string& remote, OutputFormat format) const
// Perform standard conversion.
std::string result = this->ConvertToOutputFormat(remote, format);
// If this is a windows shell, the result has a space, and the path
// already exists, we can use a short-path to reference it without a
// space.
if (this->GetState()->UseWindowsShell() && result.find(' ') != result.npos &&
if (this->GetState()->UseWindowsShell() &&
remote.find(' ') != std::string::npos &&
cmSystemTools::FileExists(remote.c_str())) {
std::string tmp;
if (cmSystemTools::GetShortPath(remote, tmp)) {
......@@ -44,8 +42,8 @@ std::string cmOutputConverter::ConvertToOutputForExisting(
// Otherwise, leave it unchanged.
return result;
// Otherwise, perform standard conversion.
return this->ConvertToOutputFormat(remote, format);
std::string cmOutputConverter::ConvertToOutputForExisting(
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