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cmCTestGIT: Refresh index for local modifications

We use 'git diff-index' to detect local modifications after pull.  On
some filesystems the work tree timestamps of a few files may be dated
after the index, making them appear as locally modified.  We address the
problem by using 'git update-index --refresh' to refresh the index and
avoid false local modifications.
parent 78a5727d
......@@ -409,10 +409,16 @@ void cmCTestGIT::LoadRevisions()
void cmCTestGIT::LoadModifications()
// Use 'git diff-index' to get modified files.
const char* git = this->CommandLineTool.c_str();
const char* git_diff_index[] = {git, "diff-index", "-z", "HEAD", 0};
// Use 'git update-index' to refresh the index w.r.t. the work tree.
const char* git_update_index[] = {git, "update-index", "--refresh", 0};
OutputLogger ui_out(this->Log, "ui-out> ");
OutputLogger ui_err(this->Log, "ui-err> ");
this->RunChild(git_update_index, &ui_out, &ui_err);
// Use 'git diff-index' to get modified files.
const char* git_diff_index[] = {git, "diff-index", "-z", "HEAD", 0};
DiffParser out(this, "di-out> ");
OutputLogger err(this->Log, "di-err> ");
this->RunChild(git_diff_index, &out, &err);
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