Commit 89c20300 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

CTestCustom: Suppress PGI warnings in generated Lexer/Parser code

parent 965eb50c
......@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ list(APPEND CTEST_CUSTOM_WARNING_EXCEPTION
"(Lexer|Parser).*warning.*conversion.*may (alter its value|change the sign)"
"(Lexer|Parser).*warning.*(statement is unreachable|will never be executed)"
"(Lexer|Parser).*warning.*variable.*was set but never used"
"PGC-W-0095-Type cast required for this conversion.*ProcessUNIX.c"
"[Qq]t([Cc]ore|[Gg]ui|[Ww]idgets).*warning.*conversion.*may alter its value"
"warning:.*is.*very unsafe.*consider using.*"
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