Commit 88fed668 authored by Mike McQuaid's avatar Mike McQuaid Committed by David Cole
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Make bundle items writable before fixup (#9284)

This ensures that any bundle items are made user writable before
any attempt is made to alter them using install_name_tool. This is
because MacPorts/Fink/Homebrew don't install libraries as writable.
This fix is needed to allow fixup_bundle_item to work correctly
when ingesting libraries installed by these package managers.
parent 409c936f
......@@ -118,6 +118,9 @@
# Accumulate changes in a local variable and make *one* call to
# install_name_tool at the end of the function with all the changes at once.
# If the BU_CHMOD_BUNDLE_ITEMS variable is set then bundle items will be
# marked writable before install_name_tool tries to change them.
# VERIFY_BUNDLE_PREREQUISITES(<bundle> <result_var> <info_var>)
# Verifies that the sum of all prerequisites of all files inside the bundle
# are contained within the bundle or are "system" libraries, presumed to exist
......@@ -541,6 +544,10 @@ function(fixup_bundle_item resolved_embedded_item exepath dirs)
endif(NOT "${${rkey}_EMBEDDED_ITEM}" STREQUAL "")
execute_process(COMMAND chmod u+w "${resolved_embedded_item}")
# Change this item's id and all of its references in one call
# to install_name_tool:
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