Commit 880e3805 authored by lucy phipps's avatar lucy phipps 😻 Committed by Brad King
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CPack: Replace corrupted background png with original

The `Modules/` file was originally added by
commit f2c0dbd1 (ENH: More work on the packaging. Add Applicaitons,
add icons, etc, 2007-02-13, v2.6.0~2217).  Then it was removed
accidentally by commit 5308afa3 (ENH: remove unused file, 2009-03-03,
v2.8.0~963) and restored by commit f9dd6a38 (ENH: add file back bug
use cmake image, 2009-03-04, v2.8.0~958) but with corruption.

Restore the original image file and add a Git attribute to prevent
newline conversion as we do for other `.png` files.
parent a7f5cd45
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ configure eol=lf
*.pfx -text
*.png -text
* -text
*.c our-c-style
*.cc our-c-style
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