Commit 873f21ad authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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pre-commit: Reject C++ code with lines too long

Check changes in Source/*.h and Source/*.cxx for lines longer than
our style limit.
parent d17c58c8
......@@ -19,6 +19,26 @@ die() {
exit 1
bad=$(regex=".{$line_too_long}" &&
git diff-index --cached HEAD --name-only --diff-filter=AM \
--pickaxe-regex -S"$regex" -- 'Source/*.h' 'Source/*.cxx' |
while read file; do
lines_too_long=$(git diff-index -p --cached HEAD \
--pickaxe-regex -S"$regex" -- "$file")
if echo "$lines_too_long" | egrep -q '^\+'"$regex"; then
echo "$lines_too_long"
test -z "$bad" ||
die 'The following changes add lines too long for our C++ style:
Use lines strictly less than '"$line_too_long"' characters in C++ code.'
if test -z "$HOOKS_ALLOW_KWSYS"; then
# Disallow changes to KWSys
files=$(git diff-index --name-only --cached HEAD -- Source/kwsys) &&
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