Commit 867b73e2 authored by Laurent Tarrisse's avatar Laurent Tarrisse Committed by Brad King
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GetPrerequisites: Optimize on Windows by filtering `objdump` output

Extend the optimization from commit v3.4.0-rc1~264^2 (GetPrerequisites:
Optionally filter "objdump" output for speed, 2015-07-29) to work
on Windows by using `findstr` in place of `grep`.
parent cd1f1cb5
......@@ -747,7 +747,11 @@ function(get_prerequisites target prerequisites_var exclude_system recurse exepa
set(gp_regex_fallback "")
set(gp_regex_cmp_count 1)
# objdump generaates copious output so we create a grep filter to pre-filter results
find_program(gp_grep_cmd findstr)
find_program(gp_grep_cmd grep)
set(gp_cmd_maybe_filter COMMAND ${gp_grep_cmd} "^[[:blank:]]*DLL Name: ")
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