Commit 861f1b3d authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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VS: Do not default to missing v100 64-bit toolset on VS 2010 Express

Since commit 059c230d (VS: Explicitly default to v100 toolset in Visual
Studio 2010, 2016-07-21) the VS 2010 generator now correctly defaults to
the v100 toolset instead of no toolset.  However, this broke our logic
for defaulting to the `Windows7.1SDK` toolset for 64-bit builds on VS
2010 Express.  Fix the logic by ignoring the `v100` default in the case.
parent 059c230d
......@@ -461,6 +461,10 @@ void cmGlobalVisualStudio10Generator::GenerateBuildCommand(
bool cmGlobalVisualStudio10Generator::Find64BitTools(cmMakefile* mf)
if (this->DefaultPlatformToolset == "v100") {
// The v100 64-bit toolset does not exist in the express edition.
if (this->GetPlatformToolset()) {
return true;
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