Commit 8377d9e0 authored by Stephen Kelly's avatar Stephen Kelly

Fortran: Inline conversion to relative path

Don't use cmOutputConverter method which relies on directory-specific
parent 00173b71
Pipeline #29738 passed with stage
......@@ -707,5 +707,9 @@ bool cmDependsFortran::ModulesDiffer(const char* modFile,
std::string cmDependsFortran::MaybeConvertToRelativePath(
std::string const& base, std::string const& path)
return this->LocalGenerator->ConvertToRelativePath(base, path);
if (!cmOutputConverter::ContainedInDirectory(
base, path, this->LocalGenerator->GetStateSnapshot().GetDirectory())) {
return path;
return cmOutputConverter::ForceToRelativePath(base, path);
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