Commit 83343c59 authored by Andy Cedilnik's avatar Andy Cedilnik
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BUG: Remove awk, remove problems and add full spaces in the path support

parent 796e82da
......@@ -878,8 +878,9 @@ for a in ${CMAKE_CXX_SOURCES} ${CMAKE_C_SOURCES} ${KWSYS_CXX_SOURCES} ${KWSYS_C_
# Generate dependencies for cmBootstrapCommands.cxx
cmBootstrapCommandsDepsDir=`cmake_escape "${cmake_source_dir}/Source/"`
cmBootstrapCommandsDeps=`grep "#include.*cm[^.]*.cxx" "${cmake_source_dir}/Source/cmBootstrapCommands.cxx" | sed "s/.* \"\(.*\)\"/\1/" | awk "{ print \"${cmBootstrapCommandsDepsDir}\" \\$1}"`
for file in `grep "#include.*cm[^.]*.cxx" "${cmake_source_dir}/Source/cmBootstrapCommands.cxx" | sed "s/.* \"\(.*\)\"/\1/"`; do
cmBootstrapCommandsDeps="${cmBootstrapCommandsDeps} `cmake_escape "${cmake_source_dir}/Source/$file"`"
cmBootstrapCommandsDeps=`echo $cmBootstrapCommandsDeps`
if [ "x${cmake_ansi_cxx_flags}" != "x" ]; then
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