Commit 820986ed authored by Stephen Kelly's avatar Stephen Kelly
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cmLocalGenerator: Constify GetIncludeDirectories method.

parent b3e2e332
......@@ -1341,7 +1341,7 @@ void cmLocalGenerator::GetIncludeDirectories(std::vector<std::string>& dirs,
const std::string& lang,
const std::string& config,
bool stripImplicitInclDirs
) const
// Need to decide whether to automatically include the source and
// binary directories at the beginning of the include path.
......@@ -183,7 +183,7 @@ public:
cmGeneratorTarget* target,
const std::string& lang = "C",
const std::string& config = "",
bool stripImplicitInclDirs = true);
bool stripImplicitInclDirs = true) const;
void AddCompileOptions(std::string& flags, cmTarget* target,
const std::string& lang, const std::string& config);
void AddCompileDefinitions(std::set<std::string>& defines,
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