Commit 81bd4993 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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BUG: Need to recognize -B linker options.

parent 6c4ab7ec
......@@ -785,7 +785,7 @@ void cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator::OutputLinkLibraries(std::ostream& fout,
// if a variable expands to nothing.
if (lib->first.size() == 0) continue;
// if it is a full path break it into -L and -l
cmsys::RegularExpression reg("^([ \t]*\\-[lWR])|([ \t]*\\-framework)|(\\${)|([ \t]*\\-pthread)|([ \t]*`)");
cmsys::RegularExpression reg("^([ \t]*\\-[lWRB])|([ \t]*\\-framework)|(\\${)|([ \t]*\\-pthread)|([ \t]*`)");
if(lib->first.find('/') != std::string::npos
&& !reg.find(lib->first))
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