Commit 7fa0f4b8 authored by David Cole's avatar David Cole

VS11: Allow using folders with the VS11 Express Edition (#13770)

Solution folders are supported as read-only in the VS11 Express
Edition, so do not prohibit their use just because we detect the
express edition (as we did in the VS10 generator).

Inspired-by: Paris
parent 538af164
......@@ -2047,7 +2047,7 @@ bool cmGlobalGenerator::UseFolderProperty()
// By default, this feature is OFF, since it is not supported in the
// Visual Studio Express editions:
// Visual Studio Express editions until VS11:
return false;
......@@ -93,3 +93,12 @@ cmLocalGenerator *cmGlobalVisualStudio11Generator::CreateLocalGenerator()
return lg;
bool cmGlobalVisualStudio11Generator::UseFolderProperty()
// Intentionally skip over the parent class implementation and call the
// grand-parent class's implementation. Folders are not supported by the
// Express editions in VS10 and earlier, but they are in VS11 Express.
return cmGlobalVisualStudio8Generator::UseFolderProperty();
......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ public:
virtual std::string GetUserMacrosDirectory() { return ""; }
virtual const char* GetIDEVersion() { return "11.0"; }
bool UseFolderProperty();
class Factory;
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