Commit 7ed7db88 authored by Craig Scott's avatar Craig Scott
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CPackIFW: Fix cppcheck warnings

The cppcheck warnings about uninitialised variables are likely harmless,
since they are initialised in ParseResource() anyway. Fix the warnings
anyway to reduce linting noise. The warning about a single argument
non-explicit constructor is worth fixing in general.
parent f388ce53
......@@ -275,9 +275,8 @@ void cmCPackIFWInstaller::ConfigureFromOptions()
class cmCPackIFWResourcesParser : public cmXMLParser
cmCPackIFWResourcesParser(cmCPackIFWInstaller* i)
explicit cmCPackIFWResourcesParser(cmCPackIFWInstaller* i)
: installer(i)
, file(false)
this->path = i->Directory + "/resources";
......@@ -296,7 +295,9 @@ public:
cmCPackIFWInstaller* installer;
bool file, hasFiles, hasErrors;
bool file = false;
bool hasFiles = false;
bool hasErrors = false;
std::string path, basePath;
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