Commit 7cc21e9a authored by Philipp Möller's avatar Philipp Möller Committed by Brad King

cmake-mode.el: Add the ability to retrieve module help.

parent c56854aa
......@@ -328,6 +328,37 @@ optional argument topic will be appended to the argument list."
(cmake-command-run "--help-command" (downcase (cmake-get-command)) "*CMake Help*"))
(defvar cmake-help-module-history nil "Module read history.")
(defvar cmake-help-modules '() "List of available topics for --help-module.")
(defun cmake-module-list ()
(let ((temp-buffer-name "*CMake Modules Temporary*"))
(cmake-command-run "--help-module-list" nil temp-buffer-name)
(with-current-buffer temp-buffer-name
(cdr (split-string (buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (point-max)) "\n" t)))))
(defun cmake-get-module ()
(let ((input (completing-read
"CMake module: " ; prompt
((lambda ()
(if cmake-help-modules cmake-help-modules
(setq cmake-help-modules (cmake-module-list))))) ; completions
nil ; predicate
t ; require-match
nil ; initial-input
'cmake-help-module-history ; module history
(if (string= input "")
(error "No argument given")
(defun cmake-help-module ()
"Prints out the help message corresponding to the given module."
(cmake-command-run "--help-module" (cmake-get-module) "*CMake Module Help*"))
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