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Utilities/Sphinx: Add index entries for cross-references

Add a document transform to insert index and target nodes just before
any CMake domain cross-reference node.  This will make references to
CMake domain objects appear in the index.  Also add a comment explaining
why it cannot be done in a result_nodes method of the CMakeXRefRole.
parent 54ff77dc
......@@ -130,8 +130,8 @@ class _cmake_index_entry:
def __init__(self, desc):
self.desc = desc
def __call__(self, title, targetid):
return ('pair', u'%s ; %s' % (self.desc, title), targetid, 'main')
def __call__(self, title, targetid, main = 'main'):
return ('pair', u'%s ; %s' % (self.desc, title), targetid, main)
_cmake_index_objs = {
'command': _cmake_index_entry('command'),
......@@ -257,6 +257,49 @@ class CMakeXRefRole(XRefRole):
return XRefRole.__call__(self, typ, rawtext, text, *args, **keys)
# We cannot insert index nodes using the result_nodes method
# because CMakeXRefRole is processed before substitution_reference
# nodes are evaluated so target nodes (with 'ids' fields) would be
# duplicated in each evaluted substitution replacement. The
# docutils substitution transform does not allow this. Instead we
# use our own CMakeXRefTransform below to add index entries after
# substitutions are completed.
# def result_nodes(self, document, env, node, is_ref):
# pass
class CMakeXRefTransform(Transform):
# Run this transform early since we insert nodes we want
# treated as if they were written in the documents, but
# after the sphinx (210) and docutils (220) substitutions.
default_priority = 221
def apply(self):
env = self.document.settings.env
# Find CMake cross-reference nodes and add index and target
# nodes for them.
for ref in self.document.traverse(addnodes.pending_xref):
if not ref['refdomain'] == 'cmake':
objtype = ref['reftype']
make_index_entry = _cmake_index_objs.get(objtype)
if not make_index_entry:
objname = ref['reftarget']
targetnum = env.new_serialno('index-%s:%s' % (objtype, objname))
targetid = 'index-%s-%s:%s' % (targetnum, objtype, objname)
targetnode ='', '', ids=[targetid])
indexnode = addnodes.index()
indexnode['entries'] = [make_index_entry(objname, targetid, '')]
ref.replace_self([indexnode, targetnode, ref])
class CMakeDomain(Domain):
"""CMake domain."""
name = 'cmake'
......@@ -336,4 +379,5 @@ class CMakeDomain(Domain):
def setup(app):
app.add_directive('cmake-module', CMakeModule)
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ for line in lines:
for domain_object_string, domain_object_type in mapping:
if "<keyword name=\"" + domain_object_string + "\"" in line:
if not "id=\"" in line:
if not "id=\"" in line and not "#index-" in line:
prefix = "<keyword name=\"" + domain_object_string + "\" "
part1, part2 = line.split(prefix)
head, tail = part2.split("#" + domain_object_type + ":")
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