Commit 7b8dcdd1 authored by Johan Björk's avatar Johan Björk Committed by David Cole
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CPack: Do not recurse through directory symlinks (#12284)

...when building CPack archive-based packages (.tar.gz and similar)

Rather, put the symlinks-to-directories into the archive as files,
and expect/trust that the things the symlinks point to are also in
the archive.
parent d78bdb27
...@@ -1000,6 +1000,7 @@ int cmCPackGenerator::DoPackage() ...@@ -1000,6 +1000,7 @@ int cmCPackGenerator::DoPackage()
std::string findExpr = tempDirectory; std::string findExpr = tempDirectory;
findExpr += "/*"; findExpr += "/*";
gl.RecurseOn(); gl.RecurseOn();
if ( !gl.FindFiles(findExpr) ) if ( !gl.FindFiles(findExpr) )
{ {
cmCPackLogger(cmCPackLog::LOG_ERROR, cmCPackLogger(cmCPackLog::LOG_ERROR,
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