Commit 7a25ef32 authored by Tushar Maheshwari's avatar Tushar Maheshwari
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Help: Add documentation for new get_filename_component components

parent e50a36df
......@@ -15,6 +15,8 @@ Sets ``<var>`` to a component of ``<FileName>``, where ``<mode>`` is one of:
NAME = File name without directory
EXT = File name longest extension (.b.c from d/a.b.c)
NAME_WE = File name without directory or longest extension
LAST_EXT = File name last extention (.c from d/a.b.c)
NAME_WLE = File name without directory or last extension
PATH = Legacy alias for DIRECTORY (use for CMake <= 2.8.11)
Paths are returned with forward slashes and have no trailing slashes.
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