Commit 7947981c authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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CPack: Disable OS X PackageMaker by default (#13662)

As mentioned in commit 4693cf84 (Xcode: Detect new default locations of
Xcode 4.3 bits and pieces) PackageMaker was split out of Xcode 4.3 and
above into a separate Auxiliary tools package.  Since Xcode 5.0 or so,
Apple no longer distributes PackageMaker as part of the available
development tools so it can only be obtained from old packages.

Disable the CPACK_BINARY_PACKAGEMAKER option by default as is the case
for most other tool-dependent generators.
parent 20bb6091
......@@ -416,7 +416,7 @@ if(NOT CPACK_GENERATOR)
option(CPACK_BINARY_BUNDLE "Enable to build OSX bundles" OFF)
option(CPACK_BINARY_DRAGNDROP "Enable to build OSX Drag And Drop package" OFF)
option(CPACK_BINARY_PACKAGEMAKER "Enable to build PackageMaker packages" ON)
option(CPACK_BINARY_PACKAGEMAKER "Enable to build PackageMaker packages" OFF)
option(CPACK_BINARY_OSXX11 "Enable to build OSX X11 packages" OFF)
option(CPACK_BINARY_TZ "Enable to build TZ packages" ON)
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