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ENH: Adding extra dependencies to jump-and-build rules that force a single...

ENH: Adding extra dependencies to jump-and-build rules that force a single ordering to prevent parallel jumps.  This avoids problems with two jumps reaching the same target in parallel which happened occasionally with the old generator.
parent b8e7851b
......@@ -3061,18 +3061,31 @@ cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator2
<< "# Targets to make sure needed libraries exist.\n"
<< "# These will jump to other directories to build targets.\n"
<< "# Note that extra dependencies are added to enforce an ordering\n"
<< "# that prevents parallel jumps.\n"
<< "\n";
std::vector<std::string> depends;
std::vector<std::string> commands;
// Keep track of the last jump target written.
std::string lastJump;
// Add each jump rule.
for(std::map<cmStdString, RemoteTarget>::iterator
jump = m_JumpAndBuild.begin(); jump != m_JumpAndBuild.end(); ++jump)
const cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator2::RemoteTarget& rt = jump->second;
const char* destination = rt.m_BuildDirectory.c_str();
// Construct the dependency and build target names.
// Depend on the previously written jump rule to make sure only
// one jump happens at a time. This avoids problems with multiple
// jump paths leading to the same target at the same time.
std::vector<std::string> depends;
// Construct the dependency and build target names for the destination.
std::string dep = jump->first;
dep += ".dir/";
dep += jump->first;
......@@ -3083,7 +3096,7 @@ cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator2
tgt = this->ConvertToRelativeOutputPath(tgt.c_str());
// Add the pre-jump message.
std::vector<std::string> commands;
std::string jumpPreEcho = "Jumping to ";
jumpPreEcho += rt.m_BuildDirectory.c_str();
jumpPreEcho += " to build ";
......@@ -3147,6 +3160,9 @@ cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator2
// Write the rule.
this->WriteMakeRule(makefileStream, 0,
rt.m_FilePath.c_str(), depends, commands);
// This is now the last jump target written.
lastJump = rt.m_FilePath;
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