Commit 76550297 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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Configure NSIS-packaged CMake documentation link in Start Menu

Now that we use Sphinx to generate the documentation there is a single
entry point to link from the start menu.  Drop all the (now broken)
links to the individual html document pages and provide a single link to
the index.html "CMake Documentation" entry point.
parent d3f7fa22
......@@ -13,14 +13,7 @@ if(CPACK_GENERATOR MATCHES "NSIS")
set(CPACK_PACKAGE_ICON "@CMake_SOURCE_DIR@/Utilities/Release\\CMakeInstall.bmp")
# tell cpack to create links to the doc files
"doc/cmake-@CMake_VERSION_MAJOR@.@CMake_VERSION_MINOR@/cmake-gui.html" "cmake-gui Help"
"doc/cmake-@CMake_VERSION_MAJOR@.@CMake_VERSION_MINOR@/cmake.html" "CMake Help"
"CMake Properties and Variables Help"
"doc/cmake-@CMake_VERSION_MAJOR@.@CMake_VERSION_MINOR@/ctest.html" "CTest Help"
"doc/cmake-@CMake_VERSION_MAJOR@.@CMake_VERSION_MINOR@/cmake-modules.html" "CMake Modules Help"
"doc/cmake-@CMake_VERSION_MAJOR@.@CMake_VERSION_MINOR@/cmake-commands.html" "CMake Commands Help"
"doc/cmake-@CMake_VERSION_MAJOR@.@CMake_VERSION_MINOR@/cpack.html" "CPack Help"
"@CMAKE_DOC_DIR@/html/index.html" "CMake Documentation"
"" "CMake Web Site"
# Use the icon from cmake-gui for add-remove programs
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