Commit 75ca5f04 authored by Ruslan Baratov's avatar Ruslan Baratov Committed by Brad King
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Help: Document that file(GLOB) result is sorted

It has been sorted since commit v3.6.0-rc1~54^2 (file: Sort GLOB results
to make it deterministic, 2016-05-14).  That commit left the order
unspecified in the documentation, but has been stable long enough to
document now.
parent 8e8bf427
......@@ -105,9 +105,7 @@ Generate a list of files that match the ``<globbing-expressions>`` and
store it into the ``<variable>``. Globbing expressions are similar to
regular expressions, but much simpler. If ``RELATIVE`` flag is
specified, the results will be returned as relative paths to the given
path. No specific order of results is defined other than that it is
deterministic. If order is important then sort the list explicitly
(e.g. using the :command:`list(SORT)` command).
path. The results will be ordered lexicographically.
By default ``GLOB`` lists directories - directories are omited in result if
``LIST_DIRECTORIES`` is set to false.
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