Commit 74f5545d authored by Julien Schueller's avatar Julien Schueller
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UseSWIG: set .bundle ext on OSX and no prefix (#12184)

parent 93d2322e
......@@ -210,8 +210,7 @@ macro(SWIG_ADD_MODULE name language)
# Linux :
set_target_properties (${SWIG_MODULE_${name}_REAL_NAME} PROPERTIES SUFFIX ".jnilib")
endif ()
endif ()
if ("${swig_lowercase_language}" STREQUAL "python")
elseif ("${swig_lowercase_language}" STREQUAL "python")
# this is only needed for the python case where a is generated
set_target_properties(${SWIG_MODULE_${name}_REAL_NAME} PROPERTIES PREFIX "")
# Python extension modules on Windows must have the extension ".pyd"
......@@ -225,6 +224,17 @@ macro(SWIG_ADD_MODULE name language)
set_target_properties(${SWIG_MODULE_${name}_REAL_NAME} PROPERTIES SUFFIX ".pyd")
elseif ("${swig_lowercase_language}" STREQUAL "ruby")
# In ruby you want:
# require 'LIBRARY'
# then ruby will look for a library whose name is platform dependent, namely
# MacOS : LIBRARY.bundle
# Windows: LIBRARY.dll
# Linux :
set_target_properties (${SWIG_MODULE_${name}_REAL_NAME} PROPERTIES PREFIX "")
if (APPLE)
set_target_properties (${SWIG_MODULE_${name}_REAL_NAME} PROPERTIES SUFFIX ".bundle")
endif ()
endif ()
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