Commit 74720a29 authored by Rob Boehne's avatar Rob Boehne Committed by Brad King
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XL: Move '-bE' flag earlier so it can be overridden

By default, we generate an export list for a shared library and pass
that file on the link line.  The problem was that it could not be
overridden by a target when a specific export file is being used.
Multiple `-bE` flags on the link are overridden by subsequent `-bE`
flags, so only the last one is used.

Fixes: #13282
parent 6092a770
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ macro(__compiler_xl lang)
# files so that we export only the symbols actually provided by the sources.
"${CMAKE_XL_CreateExportList} <OBJECT_DIR>/objects.exp <OBJECTS>"
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