Commit 732788d1 authored by Alexander Neundorf's avatar Alexander Neundorf
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BUG: make MARK_AS_ADVANCED() scriptable, because this is the only reason
many cmake FindXXX.cmake modules can't be used in script mode and also
FindUnixMake.cmake, which is required by the CTEST_BUILD() command

parent 17b5c79d
......@@ -69,9 +69,18 @@ public:
"If FORCE is the first argument, then the variable is made advanced. "
"If neither FORCE nor CLEAR is specified, new values will be marked as "
"advanced, but if the variable already has an advanced/non-advanced "
"state, it will not be changed.";
"state, it will not be changed.\n"
"It does nothing in script mode.";
* This determines if the command is invoked when in script mode.
* MARK_AS_ADVANCED() will have no effect in script mode, but this will
* make many of the modules usable in cmake/ctest scripts, (among them
* FindUnixMake.cmake used by the CTEST_BUILD command.
virtual bool IsScriptable() { return true; }
cmTypeMacro(cmMarkAsAdvancedCommand, cmCommand);
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