Commit 7041af80 authored by Bill Hoffman's avatar Bill Hoffman
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ENH: more efficent fix for bug # 2063

parent 72fdb136
......@@ -889,10 +889,12 @@ void cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator::OutputLibraries(std::ostream& fout,
debugPostfix = m_Makefile->GetDefinition("CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX");
// since windows is case insensitive then check for lower case .lib as
// at the end of the string, if not yet there add it.
std::string lowerCaseLib = cmSystemTools::LowerCase(j->first);
if(lowerCaseLib.rfind(".lib") != (lowerCaseLib.size()-4))
// chop off the last 4 chars of the library string
std::string lowerCaseLibExt = j->first.substr(j->first.size()-4, 4);
// lower case the extension
lowerCaseLibExt = cmSystemTools::LowerCase(lowerCaseLibExt);
// now check to see if it was a .lib, if not then add a .lib
if(lowerCaseLibExt != ".lib")
lib += debugPostfix + ".lib";
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