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ENH: added missing documentation

parent 62b310bc
......@@ -73,6 +73,14 @@ static const cmDocumentationEntry cmDocumentationOptions[] =
"a dashboard test. All tests are ModeTest, where Mode can be Experimental, "
"Nightly, and Continuous, and Test can be Start, Update, Configure, "
"Build, Test, Coverage, and Submit."},
{"-M <TestModel>", "Sets the model for a dashboard",
"This option tells ctest to act as a Dart client "
"where the TestModel can be Experimental, "
"Nightly, and Continuous. Combining -M and -T is similar to -D"},
{"-T <action>", "Sets the dashboard action to perform",
"This option tells ctest to act as a Dart client "
"and perform some action such as start, build, test etc. "
"Combining -M and -T is similar to -D"},
{"-S <ConfigScript>", "Execute a dashboard for a configuration",
"This option tells ctest to load in a configuration script which sets "
"a number of parameters such as the binary and source directories. Then "
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