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Changes in CMake (since 2.8.12)
Brad King (9):
MSVC: Add /FS flag for cl >= 18 to allow parallel compilation (#14492)
Genex: Reject $<TARGET_FILE:...> for object libraries (#14532)
Check for OBJECT_LIBRARY source files at start of generation
CMP0022: Plain target_link_libraries must populate link interface
Do not export INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES from non-linkable targets
CMP0022: Warn about a given target at most once
Fix summary documentation of INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES
file(GENERATE): Clear internal records between configures
cmake: Validate -E cmake_automoc argument count (#14545)
Modestas Vainius (1):
Fix spelling in INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES documentation (#14542)
Stephen Kelly (5):
CMP0022: Output link interface mismatch for static library warning
Don't add invalid content to static lib INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES.
CMP0022: Add unit test for null pointer check and message.
CMP0022: Add test for target_link_libraries plain signature
Automoc: Add directory-level COMPILE_DEFINITIONS to command line (#14535)
Vladislav Vinogradov (1):
FindCUDA: Fix NPP library search for CUDA 5.5
Changes in CMake 2.8.12 (since 2.8.12-rc4)
Brad King (4):
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