Commit 6ed36e7b authored by David Cole's avatar David Cole Committed by Kitware Robot

Merge topic 'simplify-GetRealDependency'

4f6fd961 Drop if(...) check because condition is always true
parents b9307980 4f6fd961
......@@ -1902,15 +1902,8 @@ bool cmLocalGenerator::GetRealDependency(const char* inName,
case cmTarget::SHARED_LIBRARY:
case cmTarget::MODULE_LIBRARY:
case cmTarget::UNKNOWN_LIBRARY:
// Get the location of the target's output file and depend on it.
if(const char* location = target->GetLocation(config))
dep = location;
return true;
dep = target->GetLocation(config);
return true;
case cmTarget::UTILITY:
case cmTarget::GLOBAL_TARGET:
// A utility target has no file on which to depend. This was listed
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