Commit 6c0fb31d authored by Ken Martin's avatar Ken Martin
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horrible hack

parent f299f4ae
......@@ -159,6 +159,22 @@ bool cmIfCommand::IsTrue(const std::vector<std::string> &args,
isValid = true;
return false;
// this is a super ugly hack. Basically old versiosn of VTK and ITK have a
// bad test to check for more recent versions of CMake in the
// CMakeLists.txt file for libtiff. So when we reved CMake up to 2.0 the
// test started failing because the minor version went to zero this causes
// the test to pass
if (args.size() == 3 &&
(makefile->GetDefinition("VTKTIFF_SOURCE_DIR") ||
makefile->GetDefinition("ITKTIFF_SOURCE_DIR")) &&
args[0] == "CMAKE_MINOR_VERSION" &&
args[1] == "MATCHES")
isValid = true;
return true;
// store the reduced args in this vector
std::deque<std::string> newArgs;
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