Commit 6b8bb7d7 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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COMP: Fix warning in SystemInformation.cxx about possibly incorrect assignment in if condition.

parent 8280232d
......@@ -2927,8 +2927,8 @@ bool SystemInformationImplementation::QueryOSInformation()
// Try calling GetVersionEx using the OSVERSIONINFOEX structure.
ZeroMemory (&osvi, sizeof (OSVERSIONINFOEX));
osvi.dwOSVersionInfoSize = sizeof (OSVERSIONINFOEX);
if (!(bOsVersionInfoEx = GetVersionEx ((OSVERSIONINFO *) &osvi)))
bOsVersionInfoEx = GetVersionEx ((OSVERSIONINFO *) &osvi);
if (!bOsVersionInfoEx)
osvi.dwOSVersionInfoSize = sizeof (OSVERSIONINFO);
if (!GetVersionEx ((OSVERSIONINFO *) &osvi))
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