Commit 681e0429 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King 💬
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Tests: Fix RunCMake.CTest output match to tolerate line number changes

parent 1adcf491
CMake Error at .*/Modules/CTestTargets.cmake:20 \(message\):
CMake Error at .*/Modules/CTestTargets.cmake:[0-9]+ \(message\):
Do not include\(CTest\) before calling project\(\).
Call Stack \(most recent call first\):
.*/Modules/CTest.cmake:[0-9]+ \(include\)
BeforeProject.cmake:1 \(include\)
CMakeLists.txt:5 \(include\)
BeforeProject.cmake:[0-9]+ \(include\)
CMakeLists.txt:[0-9]+ \(include\)
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