Commit 67ae6da3 authored by Jeff Kowalski's avatar Jeff Kowalski Committed by Brad King

cmake-mode.el: Fix "unescaped character literals" warning

Emacs 27.0 warns

    Loading ‘cmake-mode’: unescaped character literals `?(', `?)' detected!

during byte-compilation of cmake-mode.el The new warning was added in
emacs commit c2bbdc3316 (Warn about missing backslashes during load).

Add backslashes to escape the literals.
parent b74962d8
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ set the path with these commands:
(* (or (not (any space "()#\\\n")) (and ?\\ nonl)))))
(defconst cmake-regex-token
(rx-to-string `(group (or (regexp ,cmake-regex-comment)
?( ?)
?\( ?\)
(regexp ,cmake-regex-argument-unquoted)
(regexp ,cmake-regex-argument-quoted)))))
(defconst cmake-regex-indented
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