Commit 646d01da authored by Roman Wüger's avatar Roman Wüger Committed by Brad King

VS: Use absolute target-specific directory for `resources.pri`

The change in commit v3.7.0-rc1~219^2 (VS: Use target-specific directory
for `resources.pri`, 2016-08-25) incorrectly specifies a relative path
for the `ProjectPriFullPath` value.  Fix it to use an absolute path.

Issue: #16106
parent b99bbfe8
Pipeline #29272 passed with stage
......@@ -2736,8 +2736,10 @@ void cmVisualStudio10TargetGenerator::WriteWinRTPackageCertificateKeyFile()
(*this->BuildFileStream) << cmVS10EscapeXML(artifactDir)
<< "\\</AppxPackageArtifactsDir>\n";
this->WriteString("<ProjectPriFullPath>", 2);
(*this->BuildFileStream) << cmVS10EscapeXML(artifactDir)
<< "\\resources.pri</ProjectPriFullPath>\n";
std::string resourcePriFile =
this->DefaultArtifactDir + "/resources.pri";
(*this->BuildFileStream) << resourcePriFile << "</ProjectPriFullPath>\n";
// If we are missing files and we don't have a certificate and
// aren't targeting WP8.0, add a default certificate
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