Commit 6429d6d9 authored by Stephen Kelly's avatar Stephen Kelly
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cmOutputConverter: Remove now-obsolete Convert method

parent ad790617
......@@ -47,13 +47,6 @@ std::string const& cmCommonTargetGenerator::GetConfigName() const
return this->ConfigName;
std::string cmCommonTargetGenerator::Convert(
std::string const& source, cmOutputConverter::RelativeRoot relative,
cmOutputConverter::OutputFormat output)
return this->LocalGenerator->Convert(source, relative, output);
const char* cmCommonTargetGenerator::GetFeature(const std::string& feature)
return this->GeneratorTarget->GetFeature(feature, this->ConfigName);
......@@ -57,10 +57,6 @@ protected:
// The windows module definition source file (.def), if any.
cmSourceFile const* ModuleDefinitionFile;
std::string Convert(std::string const& source,
cmOutputConverter::RelativeRoot relative,
cmOutputConverter::OutputFormat output);
void AppendFortranFormatFlags(std::string& flags,
cmSourceFile const& source);
......@@ -46,29 +46,6 @@ std::string cmOutputConverter::ConvertToOutputForExisting(
return this->ConvertToOutputFormat(remote, format);
std::string cmOutputConverter::ConvertToRelativePath(
const std::string& source, RelativeRoot relative) const
std::string result;
switch (relative) {
result = this->StateSnapshot.GetDirectory().GetCurrentBinary();
return this->ConvertToRelativePath(result, source);
std::string cmOutputConverter::Convert(const std::string& source,
RelativeRoot relative,
OutputFormat output) const
// Convert the path to a relative path.
std::string result = this->ConvertToRelativePath(source, relative);
return this->ConvertToOutputFormat(result, output);
std::string cmOutputConverter::ConvertToOutputFormat(const std::string& source,
OutputFormat output) const
......@@ -24,24 +24,6 @@ class cmOutputConverter
cmOutputConverter(cmState::Snapshot snapshot);
* Convert something to something else. This is a centralized conversion
* routine used by the generators to handle relative paths and the like.
* The flags determine what is actually done.
* relative: treat the argument as a directory and convert it to make it
* relative or full or unchanged. If relative (HOME, START etc) then that
* specifies what it should be relative to.
* output: make the result suitable for output to a...
* optional: should any relative path operation be controlled by the rel
* path setting
enum RelativeRoot
enum OutputFormat
......@@ -50,10 +32,6 @@ public:
std::string ConvertToOutputFormat(const std::string& source,
OutputFormat output) const;
std::string Convert(const std::string& remote, RelativeRoot local,
OutputFormat output) const;
std::string ConvertToRelativePath(const std::string& remote,
RelativeRoot local) const;
std::string ConvertDirectorySeparatorsForShell(
const std::string& source) const;
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