Commit 63eb43f1 authored by Gilles Khouzam's avatar Gilles Khouzam Committed by Brad King

Tests: Add VSWinStorePhone for VS 15 2017

VS 2017 needs several components installed to support this test, so
enable it only via an explicit option that can be set on specific
parent 173d29a3
......@@ -2162,6 +2162,11 @@ ${CMake_BINARY_DIR}/bin/cmake -DDIR=dev -P ${CMake_SOURCE_DIR}/Utilities/Release
if(CMake_TEST_VSWinStorePhone_VS_2017 AND ws10_0)
add_test_VSWinStorePhone(vs15-store10_0-X86 "Visual Studio 15 2017" WindowsStore 10.0)
add_test_VSWinStorePhone(vs15-store10_0-ARM "Visual Studio 15 2017 ARM" WindowsStore 10.0)
add_test_VSWinStorePhone(vs15-store10_0-X64 "Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64" WindowsStore 10.0)
if(vs14 AND ws10_0)
add_test_VSWinStorePhone(vs14-store10_0-X86 "Visual Studio 14 2015" WindowsStore 10.0)
add_test_VSWinStorePhone(vs14-store10_0-ARM "Visual Studio 14 2015 ARM" WindowsStore 10.0)
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