Commit 63de609e authored by Roy Crihfield's avatar Roy Crihfield Committed by Brad King

cmake-mode.el: Use `rx' for regexps

This allows the keywords be defined in a list and reused in different
parent 9d5082b2
......@@ -43,7 +43,14 @@ set the path with these commands:
(setenv \"PATH\" (concat (getenv \"PATH\") \":/usr/local/cmake/bin\"))"
:type 'file
:group 'cmake)
;; Keywords
(defconst cmake-keywords-block-open '("IF" "MACRO" "FOREACH" "ELSE" "ELSEIF" "WHILE" "FUNCTION"))
(defconst cmake-keywords-block-close '("ENDIF" "ENDFOREACH" "ENDMACRO" "ELSE" "ELSEIF" "ENDWHILE" "ENDFUNCTION"))
(defconst cmake-keywords
(let ((kwds (append cmake-keywords-block-open cmake-keywords-block-close nil)))
(delete-dups kwds)))
;; Regular expressions used by line indentation function.
(defconst cmake-regex-blank "^[ \t]*$")
......@@ -51,23 +58,26 @@ set the path with these commands:
(defconst cmake-regex-paren-left "(")
(defconst cmake-regex-paren-right ")")
(defconst cmake-regex-argument-quoted
(rx ?\" (* (or (not (any ?\" ?\\)) (and ?\\ anything))) ?\"))
(defconst cmake-regex-argument-unquoted
"\\([^ \t\r\n()#\"\\\\]\\|\\\\.\\)\\([^ \t\r\n()#\\\\]\\|\\\\.\\)*")
(defconst cmake-regex-token (concat "\\(" cmake-regex-comment
"\\|" cmake-regex-paren-left
"\\|" cmake-regex-paren-right
"\\|" cmake-regex-argument-unquoted
"\\|" cmake-regex-argument-quoted
(defconst cmake-regex-indented (concat "^\\("
"\\|" "[ \t\r\n]"
(rx (or (not (any space "()#\"\\\n")) (and ?\\ nonl))
(* (or (not (any space "()#\\\n")) (and ?\\ nonl)))))
(defconst cmake-regex-token
(rx-to-string `(group (or (regexp ,cmake-regex-comment)
?( ?)
(regexp ,cmake-regex-argument-unquoted)
(regexp ,cmake-regex-argument-quoted)))))
(defconst cmake-regex-indented
(rx-to-string `(and bol (* (group (or (regexp ,cmake-regex-token) (any space ?\n)))))))
(defconst cmake-regex-block-open
(rx-to-string `(and bow (or ,@(append cmake-keywords-block-open
(mapcar 'downcase cmake-keywords-block-open))) eow)))
(defconst cmake-regex-block-close
"^[ \t]*\\(endif\\|endforeach\\|endmacro\\|else\\|elseif\\|endwhile\\|endfunction\\)[ \t]*(")
(rx-to-string `(and bow (or ,@(append cmake-keywords-block-close
(mapcar 'downcase cmake-keywords-block-close))) eow)))
(defconst cmake-regex-close
(rx-to-string `(and bol (* space) (regexp ,cmake-regex-block-close)
(* space) (regexp ,cmake-regex-paren-left))))
......@@ -134,7 +144,7 @@ set the path with these commands:
(goto-char point-start)
;; If next token closes the block, decrease indentation
(when (looking-at cmake-regex-block-close)
(when (looking-at cmake-regex-close)
(setq cur-indent (- cur-indent cmake-tab-width))
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