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Help: Document special cases for if(IS_ABSOLUTE)

The meaning of "absolute path" was previously assumed knowledge,
but a number of special cases were left unspecified. The way some of
these are handled differs to the way that cmake_path(IS_ABSOLUTE)
works, so document those special cases so that the differing behavior
between these two commands is clearly defined.
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......@@ -153,7 +153,16 @@ File Operations
only for full paths.
``if(IS_ABSOLUTE path)``
True if the given path is an absolute path.
True if the given path is an absolute path. Note the following special
* An empty ``path`` evaluates to false.
* On Windows hosts, any ``path`` that begins with a drive letter and colon
(e.g. ``C:``), a forward slash or a backslash will evaluate to true.
This means a path like ``C:no\base\dir`` will evaluate to true, even
though the non-drive part of the path is relative.
* On non-Windows hosts, any ``path`` that begins with a tilde (``~``)
evaluates to true.
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