Commit 5f0f84c7 authored by Sebastian Holtermann's avatar Sebastian Holtermann
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Autogen: Don't add a WIN32 moc definition if we have a moc_predefs.h file

On Windows systems we used to add a "-DWIN32" definition to the ``moc``
defines.  This is not necessary anymore when we have a
``moc_predefs.h`` file that provides all compiler predefines.

Closes #18623
parent 0814d745
......@@ -521,6 +521,12 @@ bool cmQtAutoGenInitializer::InitMoc()
[this, localGen](std::string const& cfg) -> std::set<std::string> {
std::set<std::string> defines;
localGen->GetTargetDefines(this->Target, cfg, "CXX", defines);
#ifdef _WIN32
if (this->Moc.PredefsCmd.empty()) {
// Add WIN32 definition if we don't have a moc_predefs.h
return defines;
......@@ -1279,16 +1279,6 @@ bool cmQtAutoGeneratorMocUic::Init(cmMakefile* makefile)
Moc_.SkipList.insert(lst.begin(), lst.end());
Moc_.Definitions = InfoGetConfigList("AM_MOC_DEFINITIONS");
#ifdef _WIN32
std::string win32("WIN32");
auto itB = Moc().Definitions.cbegin();
auto itE = Moc().Definitions.cend();
if (std::find(itB, itE, win32) == itE) {
Moc_.IncludePaths = InfoGetConfigList("AM_MOC_INCLUDES");
Moc_.Options = InfoGetList("AM_MOC_OPTIONS");
Moc_.RelaxedMode = InfoGetBool("AM_MOC_RELAXED_MODE");
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