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ENH: Added documentation for ITK.

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KWSys provides a platform-independent API to many common system
features that are implemented differently on every platform. This
library is intended to be shared among many projects.
How to use KWSys from ITK:
#include <itkkwsys/SystemTools.hxx>
bool MyIsDirectory(const char* fname)
return itkkwsys::SystemTools::FileIsDirectory(fname);
How to modify KWSys:
When adding a method to an existing class, make no mention of ITK.
KWSys has no knowledge of ITK headers or libraries. Please also keep
in mind that KWSys must be able to build on more platforms and
compilers than ITK. Refer to existing code for conventions to ease
this task.
If you want to add a class, please contact the ITK mailing list for
discussion. Please do not add a class without permission from
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